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1968 Toyota Corona

    Toyota Corona Mark II Coupe


    This 1968 T52 Corona Mark II Coupe is a rare find with just 55,000 miles.  Not prefect but a great classic Toyota that was among the first on US shores.  Runs well.  Previously owned by Wayne Carini and shown at the Monterey Concours de lemons in as found condition.  Check out the video!


    Third generation (T40, T50; 1964)

    Third generation (T40/T50)
    1966-1967 Toyopet Corona.jpg
    Also called
    • Toyopet Corona
    • Sep 1964 – Jan 1970 (Japan)
    Body and chassis
    Body style
    Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
    • 1.9 L 3R I4
    • 4-speed manual all-synchromesh
    • 2,420 mm (95.3 in) (sedan)
    • 4,110–4,125 mm (161.8–162.4 in) (coupe)
    • 1,565 mm (61.6 in) (coupe)
    • 1,375 mm (54.1 in) (coupe)
    Curb weight
    • 960–1,010 kg (2,116–2,227 lb) (coupe)

    The third generation was introduced September 1964,[13] one month before the 1964 Summer Olympics. It was available in sedan, two-door hardtop, three-door van, five-door station wagon (also as a van), two coupé utility variants and a five-door hatchback. The 40–43 series were reserved for sedans, while commercial vehicles (and wagons) were in the 46 and 47 series. Hardtops received 50–55 series model codes, while 56 was reserved for the five-door hatchback.[18] The 1965 model marked a return of Toyota to the American market after withdrawing there temporarily in 1961.

    A public demonstration of the new Corona’s performance was done on the Meishin Expressway, where the new model was tested to 100,000 kilometres (62,137.1 mi),[19] and was able to sustain speeds of 140 km/h (87 mph). The Corona was released one year after the debut of the Corona’s traditional competitor, the Nissan Bluebird. Toyota introduced a smaller vehicle to address the market that needed a more fuel efficient vehicle, called the Toyota Corolla in November 1966.[19] This allowed the Corona to increase in size and offer more passenger and cargo room over previous generations. 0–97 km/h (0–60 mph) time was 15.1 seconds.[20]

    Originally, commercial models (three-door van, coupé utility, and double-cab coupé utility) utilized the 1,198 cc 2P engine, with 55 PS (40 kW) at 5,000 rpm. This allowed for a maximum load of 500 kg (1,102 lb) for the two-seater versions and 300 kg (661 lb) for the five-seaters. Heavier loads were better accommodated by the Toyota Stout, while larger commercial grade trucks became available at Toyota Diesel Store locations. 1967 also saw the debut of a cab over van equipped for both commercial and commuting duties using the Corona engines, called the Toyota HiAce, offering more payload than the Corona was suited for.

    The coupé utility was produced by the former Central Motors between October 1964 and August 1968.[21] In July 1965 the 2-door hardtop coupé bodystyle was introduced.

    Top speed for the 1.2-litre Corona is 110 km/h (68 mph).[22] In January 1967 this also became available as a five-door van.[18] In April 1967, the larger and more powerful 3P (1.35-litre) and 2R (1.5-litre) engines became available,[18] replacing the lesser 2P in most markets. Power of these were 77 and 65 PS (57 and 48 kW) respectively.[23]

  • 1968
  • 4 Speed
  • Rare
  • rescue
  • smog exempt

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