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1975 Suzuki RE5 Water Buffalo

Features Overview Video
  • 5 Speed
  • Air Conditioning
  • Rare

    1975 suzuki RE5, rotary barn find, cafe racer or restore?

    Up for offer is one of the most unique of all production motorcycles…….the rare SUZUKI RE 5 ROTARY. The big question is…….RESTORE……...OR CREATE ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST UNIQUE CAFE RACERS ????

    Only offered for three years… limited numbers, the suzuki rotary powered motorcycle is perfect for the collector. Rotary motorcycles were only produced by three manufacturers, and even then, in very limited quantities. As a result, they extremely expensive. This Suzuki RE5 is quite unique, easier to obtain parts from many sources and is currently very affordable. That is what makes it also a perfect candidate for a radical cafe racer. Ever seen one ?? Can you imagine ?? Talk about the ultimate conversation piece……...good luck trying to top that one !!!

    This true barn find (.......well garage find, if we wish to be technical) is in great unrestored shape. Complete with surface dust and some corrosion, but almost entirely intact and ready for love and care. The tank and side covers had been painted, unwrapped and installed for the pictures, everything else…...including the dust… just as it was found. we have not tried to start the bike. there is no battery, and does not have a small side cover. we gently tried to see if it would kick over, but we did not try hard, as we did not want to cause any damages to the seals, and the rotor remained stationary. With only 8500 miles shown on the odometer, one would think that with some care, this bike can again be made to run nicely. Most of the stainless and chrome should come back reasonably well, with some care and elbow grease, while areas, such as the speedo bracket will require rechroming. The tail light is in rough shape. Cool original ducted exhaust pipes and lots of other cool rotary only items are in place. This is one interesting water buffalo.

    Please check out our youtube video on the bike for more details and a first hand close up look at this unique piece of motorcycling history from an era gone by……..never again to return.

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