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1981 PUMA GTC Convertible Kit

Price: $15,900

Features Overview Video
  • 4 Speed
  • Bad Ass
  • Rare
  • rescues

    Rare 1981 Puma GTC convertible. 40 years old…….and brand new.

    Check out the history of this Brazilian Beauty here

    Never completely assembled, and has never been on the road. Literally, a brand new, 40 year old vehicle.

    Original wiring harness, as new, the included new taillights have never even been installed. Dash wiring all functions as new.
    Transaxle has been freshly rebuilt, and is ready to have an engine installed, so the car can roll its wheels under power for the very first time.

    Vw pan is 40 years old /new.

    Optional period correct Western Cyclone wheels are as new, as are the vintage Winston raised outline tires, with no sign of tread or sidewall wear.

    Original Puma steering wheel as new. Glove box door is even straight and true.

    Gas tank as new. Includes never mounted period correct Californian side view mirrors.

    Factory parts and service manuals. Original owners manual.

    Arizona title and license tag, even though it has never been on the street.

    Puma’s are rare. The GTC, even more so. Referred to as “Pallet cars” when new because of the manner in which they were shipped. They came on a pallet as a kit. The "kit" was actually a complete car less the front suspension, transaxle, engine, wheels and tires. The missing components were available from the distributor, or the buyer could supply the needed parts. Less restrictive regulations permitted the importation and marketing of complete cars in Canada.

    The recent caretaker had known of this unbuilt car for some time and related that it spent the better party of the last 30 years in 5 different garages. This is one of his 3 Pumas that he has decided to part ways with.

    This brand new Puma is truly a rare opportunity for the right collector, and will most likely never ever be available again during our lifetime.

    Some would preserve the car as is, in it’s 1981 knock down pallet form and bearing the original stock number on the windshield. You won’t find one like this in your buddies collection. An unbuilt model kit is only unbuilt once.

    For others, fit your air cooled VW or Porsche power, install seats to your own taste and enjoy the road and car shows like no other car. This could be the start of a very cool EV project as well.

    A set of genuine Puma wheels is available and expensive.

    The convertible top is original but the stitching and backlight have given away.

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