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1955 Packard The Four Hundred

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    Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our very cool 1955 Packard 400, or more precisely; The Four Hundred Hardtop coupe. Considered THE most luxurious car of the 50’s the Packard 400 was the high level mark for this iconic Mid Century brand.

    Featuring all of the big chrome of the era, huge Dagmars lead the way and Chrome trim follows at every turn. She’s a real, pillarless hardtop coupe in beautiful, patented and trademarked, Packard Moonstone. Formal fender skirts and Cathedral tail lights evocative of our rocketship futures. A big, quiet, American V8 engine, a smooth automatic transmission, electric torsion bar suspension and treadle-vac brakes made this car a dream to drive. Then and now.

    We discovered this gorgeous survivor in a garage in Southern California. She had not seen daylight in 10 years at a minimum but it was clear that she had undergone some restoration years ago. She has had a respray in the correct Lacquer colors, a paint material that has not been available in California for some 30 years now? Receipts show transmission and oiling system upgrades and it is clear the engine has been rebuilt at some point.

    She was in amazingly good condition. We went through our wake up process and found that she was more than ready to run. Gaskets and fluids were pulled and replenished. The brake systems were cleaned and rebuilt including the Treadle Vac. Drums were turned and new shoes were arced. Wearables were replaced and accessories like starter, generator, were all brought up to speed. The radiator was perfect, an expansion tank was added. The gas tank was removed, cleaned, repaired, epoxy coated and reinstalled. The tires were replaced and tubes were added as wire wheels tend to leak air. The windshield wipers are in the trunk. The washer system needs attention.

    1955 was the high point for Packard. The grand era of American Iron’s big chrome and space age intentions were on proud display. This car is a true example of a loved and unabused original under the same ownership for many years. As a complete and intact, running survivor, we believe the car to be a rare find.

    Beautiful Packard Moonstone. Original style Lacquer paint is gorgeous and matches the paint codes exactly. We see no evidence of any accidents or body repairs ever being done. Chrome is weathered in some places and perfect in others. Everywhere, It is complete and undamaged. Formal Fender Skirts. Real wire wheels. Flippers that work. Door handles that disappear into the window reveals. Opera lights on the quarters - Over the top Cool. The car presents beautifully and always draws a crowd.

    Floors/Rust damage
    The floors are California solid and unblemished. Check the pics. This is a California car and it shows. Check the photos or better yet, come see the car in person.

    Wheels, Tires
    The Kelsey Hayes “style” (we say style because we haven’t verified) 15” genuine wire wheels with genuine Packard caps are fitted. Fresh radial tires with tubes.

    V8 engine runs perfectly. Freshly serviced. Super quiet exhaust note, a keynote of Packard quality. Through the rear bumper exhaust fitted and warranted (and updated) by Midas (local muffle chain store) for many years according to the paperwork.

    The automatic transmission is smooth and responsive with the preferred Column shift rather than the often problematic push button model.

    Braking, Steering
    The treadle vac brake system has been rebuilt as have the brakes at all four corners. Brake fluid has been replaced. Fresh hoses. All new wheel cylinders. Braking is excellent. Steering is precise and on point. Electric torsion bar suspension operational.

    Fresh service, turnkey and ready to go! Coolant, oil, filters, hoses and belts. Brake service. Plugs, points, wires, cap, gaskets.

    The chrome trim is in good survivor shape. Some pitting and wear can be seen, see pics and video.

    The glass is in excellent condition.

    Beautiful upholstery, headliner and trim. Awesome detailed dash and gauges. Perfect headliner. Great carpet and soft, pliable upholstery that doesn’t crack or break when you touch it.

    The interior is amazingly quiet. So quiet it seems engineered that way. Try this test: roll all of your windows down and go for a drive. Notice the wind buffeting in the cabin and the noise from your car. Now watch the video of this car and notice when the camera is held outside and then brought inside. Then notice that the video was shot at typical speeds and the windows were down the whole time. We’re not Packard historians but it sure seems like early engineers had a hand in making the cabin a place you could carry on a conversation while motoring in most any situation. Superb acoustics work, indeed.

    OEM AM Radio does not work. Hydraulic Antenna does not operate. (Yup, a hydraulically operated power radio antenna.)

    Excellent condition. Trunk light works. Fully finished, carpeted and trunk lid insulated. Solid - No rust. Spares include belts, hoses, wheel cylinder rebuild kit and various other smalls. Jack and lug wrenches.

    The odometer shows 55xxx miles. The odometer is inoperative as is the speedometer, therefore, true miles are unknown. Service records offer information which seems to closely corroborate the miles shown but the actual mileage remains unknown.

    Documentation and DMV
    Title The standard California title is clear.
    Plates (2) CA plates match title.
    Registration Non-Op status. Less than $200 DMV fees if you want to renew CA tags.
    Reg Copies Prior registration documents are included
    Dealer Ads Original 1955 Packard Brochure
    Manual Original 1955 Owners Manual
    A large stack of receipts.

    There are very few comparable late model Packard cars for sale at this time. Factor in the rare 400 hardtop coupe, a Beautiful, running and driving car, and it becomes a very short list. Given the extreme scarcity of available cars, The Four Hundred represents an outstanding value that can be enjoyed immediately as well as being an appreciating investment in automotive art. Your portfolio manager will approve.

    Please come inspect this great Packard 400 before the listing ends. We are happy to meet you and show her off. Please keep in mind that this is a used car. It is not a new car and will not be fresh and perfect like that new soul sucking Camry your Aunt Betty drives. If that’s what you are after, this is not your era, nor your car.

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