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1973 GMC Motorhome

    GMC Motorhome Sequoia 230

    Rare shorty GMC Sequoia 230 will have you California Groovin in the 70’s

    Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our cool 1973 GMC Sequoia 230 Motorhome.   It lights people up and is great to get the kids out camping or to the beach.


    The “Shorty” 23 foot (230) offering from GMC was only produced by GMC for the 1973 and 1974 model years. Just 629 units were manufactured.  That’s less than 5% of the 12921 total GMC Motorhome production.  Over the last 50 years, few have survived.

    Some say that the 23’ GMC is the best option of all.  Why? Access to some California State Parks like the locally world famous San Onofre surf beach is one. Surf spots here are size limited.  Parking and driving are much easier too. They fit where the big fella’s don’t. And that low center of gravity, air ride and easy step in is hard to beat.

    Vintage GMC Motorhomes seem to fall into 3 categories:

    1. Show Queen, Restored to perfection by marque specialists, A few are always available. $100,000 and up and very, very nice.
    2. Loved, These were enjoyed and maintained. They may have a few needs typical to vintage motorhomes.
    3. Neglected, They are often low mileage, stored outside for decades and in need of tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs just to be roadworthy.

    The Show Queens are still rare, Loved coaches are few and far between and the vast majority fit the neglected category.

    We would put this Sequoia in the Loved category.  Her condition is indicative of both ultra low mileage, rare use and careful stewardship.  Sold here in California new and still wearing her original Blue plates.

    Here’s what we know:

    A common trait among vintage motorhomes is that many of the factory options and niceties are lost to the passage of time.  People remodel to their personal tastes or repair with what’s available.  In the case of this GMC Sequoia, keeping her original groovy 70’s vibe was the goal.

    We see these niceties in this well loved example.

    • Documentation. Books present as well as a small binder kept by the original owner.


    • Gelcoat is nice and polishes up excellently. Minor touch ups have been done over time.
    • Original 1973 California Blue license plates.
    • Nice stripes
    • No accident damage is evident
    • New Sully airbags with manual fill
    • New rooftop Air Conditioner
    • New roof vents
    • Nice glass throughout.
    • NIce Chrome bumpers
    • New rooftop clearance lenses and lighting (5 front ambers have now been replaced).
    • Aluminum Ladder and roof rail option
    • Onan 4000W generator with remote start works well.
    • Locking shore power bin.
    • Propane tank locker.
    • Color matched and striped GMC spare tire cover
    • Class IV Trailer hitch
    • Tires, Bias ply appear to be very nice but may be date aged.  No cracks or visible wear. Radials are not available for this size wheel.


    • 455 Oldsmobile Toronado V8

    Pre-Smog, stock, unmolested

    • Toronado Front Wheel Drive
    • Fresh oil change
    • Runs nice
    • 3 New batteries


    Drives and shifts nice.

    Braking, Steering

    Drives, runs and stops well.

    Air Ride

    New Sully Airbags.  Manual fill


    The glass is in excellent condition.


    From the Captain’s position you’ll notice:

    • Original 1973 Upholstery in fair to good condition.
    • Swivel front bucket seats are freshly upholstered and allow the pilot and co-pilot to join the fun.
    • Gorgeous custom lime carpet throughout is padded
    • New Roof AC control panel
    • Excellent visibility through huge curved glass windshields.
    • Lots of power outlets for charging phones and computers.
    • Full sized chrome mirrors and lots of windows make driving a dream.
    • New bluetooth flip screen radio
    • Tilt steering wheel
    • Nice dash pad has a small crack
    • Electric roof vent fan with watertight cover

    In the Galley you’ll find:

    • Well preserved kitchen with cabinetry in nice condition.
    • Flip combo Dinette seats 4 for cards or meals and converts to a bed.
    • Preferred combo stove and oven.
    • Double stainless steel sink
    • Refrigerator with matched Lime face plate.
    • 110 Shore power
    • Overhead led light fixtures and exhaust fan.
    • Roof Air Conditioning.  New, It blows cold.
    • Systems monitors.
    • Onan 4000 generator hour meter at 297 hours.


    Side Bathroom model with new shower, lighting and storage cabinets. Nicely kept. No whirlpool tub, bidet or heated towel racks.

    Sleeps 4

    • Rare as hen’s teeth, rear settee option that flip folds into a full width bed
    • Dinette converts to bed.


    The five place odometer shows 38370 miles. The documentation supports the mileage.


    Clean and Clear California title. Registered in California and has her original California blue plates.


    Please come inspect this great GMC before the listing ends. We are happy to meet you and show her off. The details contained in this listing are based on our review of the vehicle and any errors or omissions are unintentional.  Please keep in mind that this is a 50 year old used car.  It will need periodic attention just as any classic does.  It is not new and will not be fresh and perfect like that new soul sucking Camry your Aunt Betty drives.  If that’s what you are after, this is not your era, nor your car so please move on to something boring.  Like a Prius.

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