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1972 AMC Javelin AMX

    AMC Javelin AMX 401 Go Pack

    Yep, it’s a rare find!  Check out this awesome AMX with ALL the Goodies you need to have:

    • Z Code 401 V8
    • Factory RAM AIR
    • GO PACK
    • Factory Fiberglass Hood
    • P1 Paint code BLACK (Super Rare)
    • BLACK interior
    • BLACK Split Vinyl Roof
    • Air Conditioning
    • 727 Automatic Transmission
    • Fresh 2 stage Paint
    • Fresh Interior
    • FAST and LOUD

    Thanks for stopping by to take a look at this very cool 1972 AMC Javelin AMX.  This California AMX comes with receipts from old favorite hot rod shops like “Super Shops” on Sepulveda in LA and several San Fernando Valley shops as well.  Seems she’s been a local Cali car all along. Some cool pictures of the guys doing an engine rebuild are included.  She is largely original but carries some nice hotrod updates as well.  Let’s check it out!


    According to AMC guru Eddie Stakes of Planet Houston AMC

    • “Approximately 12 AMX’s left Kenosha in Midnight Black in 1972!”  The paint code for Midnight Black is P1.  This is one of those few cars.
    • “825 cars were equipped with the 401”.  This is one of those few cars that has survived.


    This is a Top of the Line Javelin AMX with all of the options.

    • Triple Black. Black paint, Black Split vinyl roof and Black interior.
    • Z Code 401 Ram Air V8
    • Go Pack – Positraction, Fiberglass Cowl Induction hood, 15” wheels, etc. See below.
    • Air conditioning



    Finished in Glossy two stage Midnight Black.  Excellent paint quality.  Stacked clear has been hand color sanded to 5000 grit and then polished and ceramic coated.  Her tight lines really shine from every angle.


    • Excellent body fit and finish is laser straight
    • Split Vinyl Roof
    • A hood T Stripe can be added in the buyer’s choice of color.  (We like Matte Black)
    • Nice chrome and trim
    • Front and Rear Spoilers
    • Nice glass


    Wheels, Tires

    • OEM 15” wheels with AMC center caps. BFG T/A Radial tires. Trim rings are on order.



    • 401 RAM AIR V8 engine
    • Fresh carburetor rebuild
    • Mildly Hotrodded, Edelbrock intake, Holley, Dougs Headers,
    • New water pump
    • Fresh tune, filters, wires etc.
    • Alloy Valve covers
    • Flowmaster 40’s



    • 727 Automatic transmission


    Rear Differential

    • A Ford 9” with taller gears has been added.  If you’re into cars that go fast, you’ll recognize that the 9” Ford is generally the best on the market. Strong parts availability and quick change ratios make it the “go to” differential for just about everything hotrod. No surprise it was swapped out here.


    Power Steering

    Power front disc brakes with new calipers, rotors, master cylinder etc.



    • Sport steering wheel
    • Tilt steering wheel
    • Wrap around dash
    • Nice center console and shifter.
    • OEM radio, new antenna
    • New carpeting
    • Nice seats
    • Nice headliner


    OEM Parts.  We do have the original Positraction rear end, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, chrome valve covers and maybe the carburetor.  We also have a 4 link setup intended to be used on the 9” currently in this car.


    The air conditioning equipment is all in place with the exception of the updated compressor, belt and mounting brackets.  The brackets and compressor are included.


    The prior owner had this car repainted in red many years back.  It looked nice from the old photos we got with the car but it had seen better days.  There is a big stack of receipts from having the engine rebuilt in 1992.  Even the cam spec label is present along with period polaroid photos..


    Excerpted from from Hemmings

    NOTEWORTHY OPTIONS In keeping with industry muscle car traditions, AMC offered several performance extras for the Javelin AMX. Most notable was the availability of the 401-4v engine. A handling package provided heavy-duty springs and shocks; however, the coup de grâce was the Go Package, which mandated the installation of dual exhaust, functional ram air drawing from the cowl induction hood, larger 15 x 7-inch wheels with E60-15 raised white-letter tires, a blacked-out taillamp panel, the aforementioned handling package, Twin-Grip limited-slip differential, Rallye-Pac instruments, hood T-stripe and a heavy-duty engine cooling system.

    In terms of convenience equipment, air conditioning, power steering, choice of radio systems, leather or corduroy seats, tinted glass, tilt steering, light group and visibility group were offered. Also, the exterior could have been dressed with a vinyl top, styled steel wheels, a front spoiler and bumper guards.

    ENGINE  …the new-for-1971 401 employed a forged crank and rods; all used cast-aluminum pistons. A dual exhaust system was standard with the 401. 

    TRANSMISSION For 1971, an Automatic Chrysler-produced “Torque Command”  727 for the 401. 

    INTERIOR  Rather than a bench, vinyl bucket seats came standard in the AMX, along with a center console available in four different colors. Vinyl could have been upgraded to leather or corduroy fabric. The curved cockpit-style instrument panel could have been optioned with the Rallye-Pac that would provide a combination clock/tach dubbed “tick-tach”; the Rallye-Pac was included with the “Go” Package. The two-spoke steering wheel used for ’71 gave way to a racier three-spoke wheel for 1972.

    CHASSIS AMC’s unit-body platform utilized an independent front suspension system with an anti-roll bar, complemented by a rear leaf-sprung suspension. Though the AMX had a firmer system than its standard Javelin siblings, it could have been upgraded to heavy-duty status via the Handling or Go Package options. 



    The California title is clean.  The vanity plates were removed by the PO.  No smog is required for California residents.



    Please come inspect this great car before the listing ends. We are happy to meet you and show her off. The details contained in this listing are based on our review of the vehicle and any errors or omissions are unintentional.  Please keep in mind that this is a 50 year old used car.  It will need periodic attention just as any classic does.  It is not a new car and will not be fresh and perfect like that new soul sucking Camry your Aunt Betty drives.  If that’s what you are after, this is not your era, nor your car so please move on to something boring.  Like a Prius.

  • 1972
  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic
  • Bad Ass
  • fresh respray
  • Hotrod
  • Power Brakes
  • Power Steering
  • Rare
  • smog exempt

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