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1969 Fiat 850 Fastback

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    Thanks for taking a look at our 1969 Fiat 850 Sport Coupe. First introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 1965, the Fiat 850 Sport Coupe has been making us swoon ever since.

    In 1967, Road & Track called the Fiat 850 coupé "one of the handsomest, best-balanced designs ever seen on a small car."
    Hemmings Motor News - Sports & Exotic Cars, declared the 1969 Fiat 850 Sport Coupe “The young place to be”

    We swapped for this car in February of 2018. It was a survivor, and “ran when parked”. It was solid but not quite as attractive as in her younger days. We were well aware that the Fiat 850 was a bit infamous for suffering a Federal US recall for “excessive rust”. Yep we can be that stupid.

    Originally sold to a lady here in San Diego, the car has remained in California her entire life and still wears her original blue California license plate. Purchased by a friend of ours in 2017 and swapped to us this year.

    Check our website for the restoration pics.

    We took up the challenge of furthering our Italian education and completed the project in approximately 7 months. In the process we have had the car completely apart and have rebuilt nearly everything with new and correct parts.

    This great Fiat Sport Coupe is a solid California Car. No rust and in excellent condition, she is ready to drive, cruise, show and win now.

    Rare in the USA and about the same around the world. These cars are a hoot to drive and were not left at home in the stable very often. Fiat lore speculates that they left the factory with rust and continued to get worse from there. Certainly wet climates saw the demise of many a rusty fiat. Store her in a dry climate and we get to enjoy these fine lines for years to come.

    Fresh repaint in factory correct code 497 “Blu Cannes”. We painted her in (not OEM) two stage, clear over color. The paint work was done in what we call the “proper” method of refinishing. This is not to be confused with the inexpensive method. We removed the engine, complete interior (dash, glass, door guts and all to get a proper finish on the car. The paint has been color sanded, polished and buffed to a high sheen. Excellent panel fit. Fresh new chrome bumpers and guards. See the pictures.

    OEM high back bucket seats and rear bench have been upholstered in Nero and are soft and supple. New headliner. New padded dash fitted with hand cut walnut inlays. Nice Nero carpet. Excellent panels. OEM steering wheel and Shift knob. Seat belts.

    Floors are original and solid. See the restoration photos when the carpet was removed

    Wheels, Tires
    Authentic Fiat-Roosevelt mag wheels have been cleaned and polished. No repairs were necessary and they spin flat. New tires. Arbath center caps.

    52 HP of pure Italian fury! This 850 Sport Coupe runs excellent. Fresh tune, all belts, hoses, fluids, water pump, etc. Original owner added the electric fan.

    4 speed manual transmission. New Flex joint with a spare included.

    Braking, Suspension
    Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Brake system rebuilt with new components throughout, OEM parts. New shock absorbers.

    New, warranted Interstate Battery. Previous owner relocated the battery tray to the engine compartment. This appears to be an improvement but the front battery box is in excellent shape and retrofitting the battery to the OEM location could be done.

    Fresh service, turnkey and ready to go.

    The trim is in good to excellent shape. See pics and video.

    Minor rust in the boot was documented, repaired and refinished. See the photos.

    Glass in great shape throughout. Mechanicals were rebuilt. Stainless polished. Excellent throughout.

    The odometer shows 93107 miles. The oral history and title confirm the mileage.

    DMV / Documentation
    The California title is clear and clean. Original Blue California license plate. No smog is required for California residents. Very low cost Antique registration and insurance for most US States. A binder with pictures, detailed information, receipts and specs is included.

    There are zero Fiat 850 Sport Coupes for sale in the US at this time. Perhaps you can find a car that needs a lot of work or the more common spider convertible. Find a 850 Sport Coupe in excellent condition with great eye appeal and you have a very few cars indeed. Given the extreme scarcity of available cars, this 850 Sport Coupe represents an outstanding value that can be enjoyed immediately as well as being an appreciating investment in automotive art.

    Please come inspect this great Fiat 850 Sport Coupe before the listing ends. We are happy to meet you and show her off. The details contained in this listing are based on our review of the vehicle and any errors or omissions are unintentional. Please keep in mind that this is a 49 year old used car. It is not a new car and will not be fresh and perfect like that new soul sucking Camry your Aunt Betty drives. If that’s what you are after, this is not your era, nor your car.

    Will be completed and uploaded shortly.

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