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1972 Reliant Regal 3-30 Saloon

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      Just purchased this stable mate to our Reliant Robin. It's due for a complete restoration and should be ready by Christmas 2014. This car is the basis for "Tomber" in Disney's "Cars 2".
      Pictures updated 12-27-2014. The Regal was completed on schedule for the final Irvine Cars and Coffee today but alas the event was cancelled.

      This little car runs great! Licensed and titled as a motorcycle, it's certainly economical but what a ton of fun. A crowd gathers wherever this car goes.

      Reliant motor cars were produced in England. They are meant to be economical transportation at a slower pace than today freeways. A common site in Great Britain for over fifty years, well over 200,000 were produced. Few left over there, few of those run and look as good as this. Rarer than rare in the US.

      Commonly assaulted on the BBC by the likes of Top Gear, Mr. Bean and Trotter's fools and horses, there's always a crowd who's seen one of these on tv somewhere

      4 speed manual transmission, 850cc 4 cylinder. Runs well. Period "locals only" navigation system installed, operational and believed to be reasonably complete.

      Sold, thank you

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