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Picking up in California

We have great access for your transporter as well as plenty of help to load cars whether they are running or not.  Should you choose to visit and drive home, California sales tax and license fees will likely be due.  While the adventure sounds like fun, many of our buyers choose to transport.  The costs associated with flying in, hotels and other expenses often outweigh transport.

Shipment to the lower 48

We recommend contracting with the carrier directly instead of using a broker.  Brokers may offload your vehicle from one truck to another or store your car waiting for a full load.  They are never actually in possession of your car. When damage occurs, everyone points at the other guy as responsible.  Carriers in contrast, inspect and accept the car at our location and deliver to your home or office.  Our policy is “one set of hands on and off”.  If there is any question about damage, there’s only one responsible party.


We are happy to refer you to our shipper and assist with quotes.


Our shipper has been working with the Australian government since 2016 to become an offshore quarantine treatment provider and pre-inspection facility in the U.S.


We highly recommend insuring your vehicle before it leaves our property.  Motor Vehicle Carriers are required to carry cargo insurance only.  Their cargo is insured by the pound (lbs).  This is vastly different from your automobile insurance and will not cover the value of your car.


We have used and referred to and

Our general pick up zip code is 90680. It is a business warehouse.

We are happy to refer you and help with arrangements, however, shipping is between you and the shipper.


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