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Picking up in California

We have great access for your transporter as well as plenty of help to load cars whether they are running or not.  Should you choose to visit and drive home, California sales tax and license fees may be due.  While the adventure sounds like fun, many of our buyers choose to transport.  The costs associated with flying in, hotels and other expenses often outweigh transport.

Shipment to the lower 48

We recommend contracting with the carrier directly instead of using a broker.  Brokers may offload your vehicle from one truck to another or store your car waiting for a full load.  They are never actually in possession of your car. When damage occurs, everyone points at the other guy as responsible.  Carriers in contrast, inspect and accept the car at our location and deliver to your home or office.  Our policy is “one set of hands on and off”.  If there is any question about damage, there’s only one responsible party.


We highly recommend insuring your vehicle before it leaves our property.  Motor Vehicle Carriers are required to carry cargo insurance only.  Their cargo is insured by the pound (lbs).  This is vastly different than your automobile insurance and will not cover the value of your car.


Our shipper has been working with the Australia government since 2016 to become the only offshore quarantine treatment provider and pre-inspection facility in the U.S.  We have a pre-cleaning facility at our Compton California warehouse and a certified inspector that the Australia government has certified and recognizes just as they do any onshore inspector; which means AQIS does not re-inspect our cargo on arrival in Australia.  This allows our clients to avoid the hidden cost associated with quarantine inspections and cleaning at destination.

In addition, our shipper also started an Asbestos testing program since testing is now mandatory by AQIS.  Brake pads are tested by a Nata approved lab in the U.S. and the issued certificate recognized by AQIS so vehicles are not re-tested on arrival.  If the brakes fail our initial test, then we can handle the replacement and re-testing.  By us handling this on the U.S. side, it avoids the costly quarantine inspection and removal cost AQIS charges.

Please follow this link for more information on asbestos

Both programs are combined into an ALL IN LCL service.  Due to the strict time restrains placed on us by AQIS, we’re not able to offer this as an FCL service to ensure the vehicles are shipped in the time frame as required by the Australia Government.

Below are the rates and details on what is all included and excluded.

USA to Australia Service

The below rates are based on a consolidation service from our depot in Los Angeles CA to Sydney, Brisbane, & Melbourne.

B2C Rate Schedule:

Mid-Size up to 14 CBM                                   AUD 2950

Large Auto up to 18 CBM                               AUD 3350

Large SUV or Truck up to 24 CBM              AUD 3950

Motorbike                                                          AUD 1500

Loose Cartons / Pallets* per cbm                 AUD 250 *minimum 1 CBM charged per Consignee

Per Freight Supplier                                        AUD 75

 Service Details

  • Bi-Weekly Sailings
  • 21-28 days transport from LA
  • Shared container

Rate Inclusions

  • Export Clearance including title clearance vehicles
  • Freight Depot to Depot
  • Nata Approved Asbestos Testing
  • 2 hours of cleaning
  • Approved Quarantine Inspection
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Port charges both ends
  • Container drayage both ends
  • Insurance up to AUD 30,000 per consignment
  • Photos for Gate in Survey / Gate out Survey
  • Customs Clearance
  • Dunnage disposal
  • 3 free days storage at Destination

Rate Exclusions

*Import duties & Taxes if applicable

*Cleaning more than 2 hours will be charged at AUD 75 per additional hour or part there of

*Replacing or removing any parts if Asbestos is Found

*Brake Pad replacement and Reinspection for Asbestosis AUD 495 *Excludes cost of brake pads

*Transport to/from our depots

*Non running rolling vehicles incur a $250 surcharge for additional handling

*Non running forklift vehicles incur a $450 surcharge for additional handling

*Import Permits *We can only handle Pre 1989 & trailer imports if required

*Insurance over AUD 30,000 per consignment. Additional AUD 100 per AUD 20,000

*Customs entry fee: currently AUD 92.00 if the total clearance value is under AUD 10,000.00, or AUD 194 if the value is over AUD 10,000.00 (note that the Import Exchange conversion rates are decided by Australian Customs)

*Luxury Car Tax (if applicable, which is the CIF Value + Duty + GST minus AUD 60,316.00 x 33%, and this only applies to passenger vehicles, not commercial vehicles)

*Compliance (To check if your vehicles can be complied CLICK HERE . Please note this list does not include vehicles made before 1989 because they can all be complied)

*Air conditioning. There are 3 options available

  1. Low volume exemption is available private importers shipping no more than one vehicle per 2 year period
  2. De-gassing. The suppliers can organise the degassing, otherwise we can organise it for you for an extra fee

3.. Regular importers can apply for a gas license through the department of sustainability This requires a quarterly report of imports and is cost effective once you import more than 5 vehicles per year.


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