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Welcome to the BOXX journey!  We appreciate your interest in seeing the BOXX become a reality.


Build and drive your own unique transportation vehicle. BOXX, from the past……..for the future


Build your own personal BOXX.  Drive BOXX to the store. blow away your friends.  Use it as a showpiece for your business. BOXX is the modern day version of an innovative automobile that was produced and inspired by the California surf culture in the 70’s, the Brubaker Box. Impossibly rare, there are only 19 known examples of this historic design left in the world.   Help save the Brubaker Box from extinction, and get them back on the road. Now is your chance to own a BOXX fiberglass body kit


Please join and help save this automotive art design masterpiece from extinction.  You could own the next BOXX to be built and driven around town!


The Swamp Boxx by

The Swamp Boxx by has obtained the original very first Brubaker Box.


This is the same car that appeared on the cover of Car and Driver magazine in March of 1972, all the sales brochures, and several movies.


We tracked it down and found it dilapidated and left for dead in a Florida swamp. We could restore the car like we often do, and see it go into a private collection but we think the BOXX is truly special.  It deserves better. It should be driven and enjoyed by you, those interested in art design and automotive BOXX aficionados everywhere.

If you are shy this may not be the car for you.  BOXX draws a crowd and attention everywhere it goes.  Some say that BOXX was the very first true modern mini-van, but  BOXX artistic design almost defies traditional descriptions. Its quirky utilitarian design was innovative in its day, and has become iconic.  It still looks futuristic today.

BOXX is a fiberglass body shell kit that fits on an unmodified Volkswagen Beetle chassis after the car’s body is removed.  BOXX turns a funky little Volkswagen Bug into one of the coolest cars you could ever possibly drive on the street. Want to be the center of conversation anywhere you go?……..then this is your ticket!!


BOXX is an amazing piece of artistic design that you can use and share.

BOXX attracts attention like no other vehicle.  Put that together with your business or enjoy the roads and shows with something no one else has.

BOXX is built to your personal tastes, by you, or with your kids, or buddies.  Each unique BOXX displays your take on the classic design and your pride of ownership.

BOXX is rare and almost extinct.  Join the team to save BOXX. Let’s get them back on the road, be it electric, hydrogen, 4×4, autonomous driving, or?

That’s the gist of BOXX………intrigued ????

For us geeks, there is a TON of information, history, BOXX future plans to go electric, 4×4 & more.  Dig In !!!

BOXX is a stunning example of artistic product design……rolling art, if you will.   BOXX is a fiberglass automobile body, produced by BOXX is a tribute to the Brubaker Box & AutoMecca Roamer sports van of which there were roughly 28  produced in the early 1970’s. BOXX can be adapted to fit a wide variety of different power plants and chassis such as electric (EV), hydrogen, hybrid or off road 4X4.

YES, there is financing!  We have arranged long term financing to fund your project.  With your good credit, you could own a BOXX kit for as little as $239 per month!

The Brubaker Box started life in Southern California and had roots with the renowned Art Center College of Design. Curtis Brubaker’s idea was to create a sporty, utilitarian, and safety minded production vehicle.  Designer Curtis Brubaker and his team of Harry Wykes and Todd Gerstenberger, brought the design to life as the Brubaker Box. The Brubaker Box was released in 1972 to rave reviews and sent shockwaves throughout the automotive world.  Its artistic design was futuristic and unique back in the 70’s and this still holds true today.

Only 3 Brubaker Boxes were ever built.  The company had plans for Volkswagen to provide chassis and drivetrains but the deal fell apart.  Brubaker was forced to close shop after the car made the March 1972 cover of Car and Driver magazine (above), which is the image many people remember.

Mike Hansen, an initial investor in the Brubaker Box, formed AutoMecca to continue to build additional cars. These second generation models were renamed the Roamer Sports Van.   AutoMecca built just 25 more cars before they too ceased production.

AutoMecca even built and raced an off road racer named the “Baja Box” which competed in the Mickey Thompson Off Road Series race at Riverside, CA.  Mike Jr. was at the wheel and Dad riding shotgun. Mike Jr. told us that because the driver seating position was so far back in the car, the Box was very safe.  That turned out to be a very good thing because one second after this photo was taken, the “Baja Box” crash landed on its nose and its racing days were over.

Sooooo……..why now?   Interest in the BOXX design has only increased through the years.  With retro styling being so popular and world wide resurgence of interest in component cars, the timing is right.  BOXX has the ability to easily adapt to other modes of alternate power sources such as electric or hydrogen, or for simplicity, keep it original, utilizing plentiful and inexpensive VW Beetle components.  Many of the beetle’s parts readily transfer over to applications on BOXX.

With so few original examples of the Brubaker Box, high enthusiast demand and their skyrocketing value, BOXX fiberglass bodies make sense.  They allow this tour de force of rolling art, to once again be seen on public streets, to be shared with fellow enthusiasts. Only 19 examples are known to still exist. so unfortunately most originals sit hidden in garages or languish in collections out of public view.  Since most enthusiasts have never actually seen one in person, BOXX has become almost a mythical item………a unicorn of iconic artistic design.

Many people’s first exposure to the Brubaker Box was through movies and TV.  The 1976 television show “ARK II” featured a modified Brubaker Box they named “ROAMER” for the series. The Roamer likely became the most famous Box, where it appeared to be driven by children and even a chimpanzee.  A Brubaker Box was also featured in the movie “Grid Runners”.

But perhaps  the most memorable appearance for the Brubaker Box was being featured in the classic movie Soylent Green, a 1973 Sci-Fi thriller set in, interestingly, the year 2022.

Almost 50 years apart.  Curtis Brubaker poses with his creation.   Both of these photos showcase the first streetable Box that he designed and built!!!!

So……..why  We have always felt that BOXX was an artistic product design masterpiece that never received its due.  BOXX was ahead of its time. the time for BOXX is now. Brilliant iconic product designs change little with the time.  BOXX retains the original flavor and yet adapts to the various propulsion platforms that are becoming available to coincide with our times.  Electric (EV), hydrogen, 4×4, self-driving, vintage vw. BOXX can be adapted for all.

We’ve been looking for 40 years.  DRIVEN.CO finally received word of an unbuilt kit that had been languishing in a storage facility since new.  It was incomplete, piled over and inside with trash and junk, but to us……it was a priceless treasure.

Once we started to re-create missing parts, we were shocked by the incredible popularity that  the BOXX generated. DRIVEN.CO began to look into the viability of creating a modern day version of the fiberglass body.  We then found out that lightening can sometime strike twice.

One of the 3 original Brubaker Boxes that were manufactured had been unearthed in Florida.  DRIVEN.CO found ourselves immediately on a plane flying across the country to rescue another Box.  Indeed, there was a Box that had been claimed by the swamp, sitting out in the backwoods for some 25 years.  We met up with a couple of great guys and were able to drag the Brubaker Box out of its swampy grave.

We have since been able to share “SWAMP BOX” at Pomona, the west coast’s largest automotive swap meet allowing many enthusiasts their first in person viewing of this dilapidated piece of rolling artistry.  It was heart warming to find out how many people actually remember the Box and meet so many that couldn’t believe it actually existed. As is unusual for car shows, it seemed that every age group found the Box appealing and were fascinated with BOXX and it’s potential for the future.  Loved by “techys”, off roaders, the custom crowd and purists alike.

Though we didn’t realize it at the time, and after much research, our fondly named “Swamp Box” turned out to be none other than the very same original brown Brubaker Box featured on the Car & Driver magazine cover! has built some pretty awesome cars but we’ve never seen one draw a crowd like BOXX does. Even in her rough condition, she is a favorite!

Sooo………Why NOW ?  Well, possession of a Box is high on the list and we finally were able to make that a reality.  We have been doing our homework since then and getting feedback from enthusiasts likely to consider a BOXX kit.  Though most people don’t dream of building their dream car, there is definitely a demand for a limited number of BOXX body kits.  When we began to contemplate offering BOXX kits, we noted the qualifications and requirements that would need to be in place to produce a successful project:

  • Possession.  Having the physical Brubaker Box in hand allows us do a proper job creating fiberglass bodies.
  • Automotive Experience.  A very strong automotive background is required to put together a kit that would be simple to build, inexpensive and adaptable to other applications.
  • Quality Resume.  Required to have an established and respected record in the automotive community and experience with rare vehicles and fabrication.
  • Strong Interpersonal Business Relationships. Required due to the use of varied parts and suppliers.
  • Facility. A large, proper facility to conduct business, create products and package for shipping.
  • Shipping. BOXX is popular everywhere.  Shipping worldwide is mandatory.
  • Financing for Buyers. Easily affordable is a key value.
  • Support.  Having the support of the original producers of the Brubaker Box/AutoMecca Sports Van is huge.
  • Passion and Commitment.  Required to see a project of this magnitude come to fruition.

We submit that DRIVEN.CO can answer an affirmative YES to all of these solid points.  Take a look at our website: https://www.DRIVEN.CO and our appearance on Pawn Stars to see examples of our work.

AND………DRIVEN.CO must produce these bodies NOW.  Otherwise, this automotive art design masterpiece will unlikely ever be produced.

We knew then that we have no choice but to produce BOXX.  We are absolutely thrilled to do so !! The first step is to produce the fiberglass body.  We will have options available to suit your needs, ability and budget. You too, will have the opportunity to own one of the few.  With our financing (OAC), everybody who wants to, can now afford to own their very own BOXX. Build it to your own tastes and desires!


Curtis Brubaker with Team, educating us about his brainchild.

BOXX can come in different forms:

Basic –  Complete fiberglass BOXX body, unassembled.  You may construct as per video instructions, or make changes as you see fit.  Included: Fiberglass tub, Roof panel body panels, nose, tail, door, knee dash panel.  This is the basic kit, which requires assembly of numerous fiberglass parts. Perfect if you are considering modifications or alternative chassis or modes of power.  Please keep in mind that BOXX is a fiberglass body kit…….not an entire car. There will be time, money and effort necessary to finalize your personalized BOXX.


Assembled –  Includes the Basic kit, but the major fiberglass body panels are assembled and bonded prior to shipping.  Similar to the picture shown below, but with some additional fiberglass parts.

BOXX fiberglass body kit, shown suspended over a VW beetle chassis, shown in Assembled form.  VW chassis and drivetrain not included.

Assembled BOXX fiberglass body kit, shows the spacious unique bare interior.



Option – Door kit –  Includes hardware to install sliding door.

Option – bumper kit.  If you decide you’d like to utilize the original styled wood look bumpers.

Option – component kit – Includes major & upgraded parts for your build; windshield, backglass and trim, LED tailights, perspex side glass and slide channels, gas tank, side marker lights, front sunroof, upgraded pedals, LED turn signal lamps.

Option – Worldwide shipping options are available.  All parts are F.O.B. zip code 90680.

For all kits, you will need to provide your own donor car for BOXX body to sit on, and provide it’s power.  You will also need to have various components assembled to your own specifications. BOXX is a kit, not a completed vehicle.

Stretch goal 1: BOXX set up for 4×4 platform.  on/off road use.

Stretch goal 2: BOXX set up for EV skateboard platform (electric battery powered, ala Tesla 3 etc.)


History and Timeline

At DRIVEN.CO our goal is to exceed expectations with a transparent campaign.

Hows the money spent ?

– Fulfill the BOXX support rewards

– Design and fabrication creating the fiberglass body molds, fit and finish.

– Tooling for the hardware for BOXX.

– Materials and production equipment for the BOXX fiberglass body

– Labor and overhead cost involved with producing BOXX

– Refurbish “SWAMP BOX”for  back to original car cover appearance, for its role in the fulfillment of rewards

– Marketing and Indiegogo fees.

BOXX is a grand undertaking……but one that will save and embellish an artistic legend

Original Brubaker Box, AutoMecca Sports Van sales brochures.

An example of an electric (EV) chassis, or “skateboard”.  Perfect adaptation for BOXX.

For some of us, the first Brubaker Box was saw was on TV.  The 70’s TV show ARKII featured a modified Box named “ROAMER”.  It was driven on the show by children, and even an ape.

Toyota’s new electric GEN-Z concept.  Hmmmmm……I think I’ve seen that shape before?

The original “get into it” Brubaker Box poster.  Copies are available as a reward.

The recently created tail panel mold and new tail panel.

Recently created door mold, and new door panel.

The recently created new nose panel.






BOXXER………wear it proud

$99 USD

Show the world you support the artistic design of BOXX, and join the team effort to resurrect it. Receive a BOXX / DRIVEN.CO t-shirt from the initial run of just 100 shirts. Limited sizes & numbers, signed by DRIVEN Team members. Short sleeve shirts available in M / LG /XL / 2XL.

Included Items

  • BOXX hoodie
  • BOXX t-shirt



Finance your BOXX

$239 USD can make a BOXX Project affordable for anyone to own! Your good credit can put BOXX in your garage for as little at $239 a month for 60 months! Note: this reward payment is NOT an automatic enrollment or acceptance into a payment plan. all financing must be approved by our independent financing partner prior to acceptance of funds.

Included Items

want to help the BOXX effort……but can’t make it out to Cali-forn-I-A ?? You can still stay informed on the BOXX. Your one choice of: 1). BOXX coffee table book (basic $350 reward) 2). Assembly video manual, add $100 3). BOXX detailed video history, add $200) 4). SWAMP TO SHOW multi-part video series, restoration of the swamp box, add $300)

Included Items

  • BOXX coffee table book
  • BOXX video assembly , add $100
  • BOXX history video, add $200
  • SWAMP TO SHOW video add $300

Estimated Shipping

June 2020

0 out of 50 claimed

Ships worldwide.

Meet BOXX !

$425 USD

Come meet the BOXX in person. Be our guest at the DRIVEN.CO facility in Southern California, and get a behind the scenes look at what goes into re-creating the BOXX. We’ll even feed you lunch and talk BOXX history, future, and the crazy tale of acquiring the Swamp Box. You need to take a road trip to California anyway. How ’bout some burnouts?


Own a BOXX kit

$9,900 USD

OWN THE BOXX !! Worldwide shipping! BOXX comes with un-assembled fiberglass body parts, instructional video, parts source list and fits right on your unmodified VW beetle chassis. Only 10 BOXX replica bodies are planned at this time !! BOXX upgrades are also available! Each BOXX comes with a numbered plaque with your name. shipping separate.

Included Items

  • cheese





Manufacturers, Suppliers, Sponsors? We can use all the help we can get.  Leave us a note with your interests!



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