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1964 Honda CT200 Trail 90

Price: $2,950

Features Overview Video
  • 1964
  • 4 Speed
  • One year only model
  • Rare
  • smog exempt

    1964 Honda CT-200 - Trail 90

    Grandpa’s Scoot. Purchased new and family owned ever since. Grandpa used it around the Santa Monica Airport for years. He did load it on the back of the motorhome a few times but as the miles show, it was an occasional campground and around the airport bike. Grandpa loved to keep it shiny and clean and the care shows. It has the nicks and knocks of usage you would expect. It’s a survivor, not a show queen.

    We rebuilt the top end with genuine Honda parts and rebuilt the carburetor. We added new street tires and have a set of new knobby tires and tubes that go with the bike.

    Runs great and starts just like it should.

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