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1972 Datsun 240Z

Features Overview Video
  • 5 Speed
  • Hotrod
  • Racing
  • Rare
  • Runs Great!
  • smog exempt

    Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our very cool 1972 Datsun 240Z. This is the one you want, Series II S30, resprayed in Factory “110 Red”. Zero hours on the engine and transmission.

    Considered to have singlehandedly ended the British sports car invasion of the 60’s, the 240Z was fast, handled amazing and was very reliable. Styled after the Jaguar XKE, the 240z quickly gained an audience among racers and daily drivers of competitive marques. Able to flat outrun drivers of Porsche’s and Jaguars, the 240Z was a force to be reckoned with. Campaigned extensively by Paul Newman and others, the 240Z is well known to collectors and vintage racers alike. The Datsun 240Z is fun to drive, inexpensive to operate and an appreciating asset in your portfolio.

    Located garaged in southern California, this original blue plate Z was reported to have sat for 30 years and “ran when parked”. We decided to return her to near original condition but add a few hot rod touches.

    Produced in limited quantities from 1970 to 1973, the Datsun 240Z is now a rare sight to see outside of a car show. This is the Series 2 car with the vented B pillar and sealed rear hatch.

    Fresh, factory correct to this car, two stage clear coated Red #110 is gorgeous. It has been color sanded and buffed to a high sheen. Check the paint in the spare tire well and under the hood. This is all nice factory original paint that was left to prove this car’s overall cleanliness. Chrome and stainless trim is beautiful with serious dollars spent at the chrome shop rather than installing repop parts. “Period correct” rear window louvers are still in place. New weatherstrips throughout.

    Floors are California solid. Frame rails are as well. Spare wheel “hellhole” is solid and maintains the original OEM paint.

    Wheels, Tires
    Lightweight aftermarket alloy wheels and good tyres are in place. We do have a set of “period correct” aftermarket, finned turbine wheels available as well.

    The engine and transmission were pulled and fresh 2.6L short block was added. The factory 240 head was refurbed, valve job completed for unleaded fuel. Dual Hitachi High Top carbs have been polished and rebuilt. This is a zero hours engine and is still undergoing break in. The numbers short block is included if the buyer wants it. Freshly serviced radiator, new water pump, starter, alternator, belts and hoses. NGK premium wires and plugs. New vacuum lines. Runs awesome. OEM air cleaner. Underhood detailing of factory paint.

    A 5 speed Manual transmission was sourced from a 280Z and rebuilt. The transmission is smooth and responsive while allowing freeway cruising speeds at lower RPM. No noises or unusual behavior. New leather shift knob and boot. New clutch disc, pressure plate and throwout bearing. New clutch master and slave. New hydraulic hose.

    Braking, Steering
    Front disc brakes and rear drums. Brakes serviced and hoses replaced all around. New wheel cylinders. New master cylinder. Steering is precise and on point.

    Fresh service, turnkey and ready to go. Coolant, oil, filters, hoses and belts.

    The chrome trim is in good to excellent shape. See pics and video.

    The glass is in good to excellent condition. New weatherstrips.

    New leather interior, new carpet, dash and headliner. Very nice door panels. Leather shift and brake boots. Beautiful wood steering wheel. Nice OEM vinyl diamond stitch. Excellent panel fit. New weatherstrips throughout.

    Upgraded Pioneer audio system with Bluetooth and USB, new kick panel speakers. Rear speaker enclosure with 6x9 speakers. New locking antenna.

    Nicely trimmed out with carpeting. No evidence of any prior damage or repairs.Spare tire

    The odometer shows 5816 miles. The odometer is beyond its capacity to measure.

    DMV / Documentation
    The California title is clear and all documentation is included. No back fees are due. No smog is required. Very low cost Antique registration and insurance for most US States. A complete build book is included with build pictures, detailed information, receipts and specs.

    There are very few comparable 240Z cars for sale at this time. Sure, you can find a car that needs work. Find one in original condition that has not been abused and then update it a bit and you have a very few cars indeed. Given the extreme scarcity of available cars, this 240Z represents an outstanding value that can be enjoyed immediately as well as being an appreciating investment in automotive art.

    Had one of these back in the day? Yep, they were everywhere and now you hardly see one. This 240Z puts you back in 1972 with that big twin carb six that would pull for days. We’ve added a horsepower bump, the 5 speed she always needed, some leather comfort, wheels and tunes but that’s about it. The feel and sound of this 240Z will melt the years away at the first turn of her key.

    Please come inspect this great Datsun 240Z before the listing ends. We are happy to meet you and show her off. Please keep in mind that this is a used car. It is not a new car and will not be fresh and perfect like that new soul sucking Camry your Aunt Betty drives. If that’s what you are after, this is not your era, nor your car.

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